stan and deb have gone back to dayton, ohio(famous, of course, for being the city where the greatest coach of the greatest team in the nfl, the oakland raiders’ jon gruden, got his start) and i’m reminiscing about their visit…we went to see a movie one evening in cambridge at the arts picture house. saw swordfish and although it was kinda dumb, it was a lot of fun and very stylish. i’m a sucker for those kind of flicks. i definitely give it a thumbs up and four fro picks outta five for it’s shear entertainment value and the fact that halle berry is in it…boy is she! that david justice guy must be on crack for givin her up. it was pretty much panned(though roger ebert liked it) and it has some weak characters(like most of them). i don’t know why the director thought the scenes with jackman typing at a computer would be interesting, although one of them involves a hungry blond in an erotic twist. don’t get there late, because the most spectacular scene is at the beginning with a 360 degree slo-mo digital explosion. and don’t go for popcorn during, cuz you might miss the amazing storm in all her glory. overall, it may not make a lot of sense, but who cares. oh, one last thing…has anyone else noticed that travolta’s head is HUGE? literally. as if it’s growing with each role. maybe has to do with some weird scientologist experiment.

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