i’m having so much fun here with my great friends stan and deb that i took an extra day off work tuesday. plus, mother nature cooperated and gave us a splendid, sunny, and mild day. today we spent the day in cambridge. s & d did some shopping, we walked around the historic city centre, checked out st john’s college, had some creamed teas, and did some punting on the river cam(stan did a lot better than i did my first time out). we were in london over the weekend and on saturday we saw a decent, small west end play stones in his pockets, the portobello market in notting hill, harrods dept store, and leicester and trafalgar squares. on sunday, we spent the whole day at the royal botanical gardens(kew gardens). nice, but it ended up raining most of the day. that evening we had dinner at a thai place in soho. monday was the most beautiful day and s & d saw the most stuff, including buckingham palace and st james’s park, st paul’s cathedral, the tower of london, the way-overcrowded notting hill carnival, and hyde park before having dinner at a cool little italian place in kensington. tomorrow, they’re going to spend another day here in cambridge and then probably go down to london thursday to see a big production like ‘phantom of the opera’, before leaving to return to the states friday morning.

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