rented bedazzled on dvd last night. funny flick. elizabeth hurley was scorching hot as the devil…she went from bikini babe to cheerleader to policewoman to mini-skirt-power-suit-wearing lawyer to french maid to (my favorite) catholic schoolgirl. that would’ve been enough for me, but the movie itself held up and was pretty damn funny. brendan fraser was a laugh riot as were the others in the cast…the sportscasters in the basketball fantasy were hilarious. check out the extended version of the basketball scene on dvd as well as the rock star fantasy scene that didn’t make the movie(if you can find it. it’s well-hidden on the dvd). also, gabriel casseus was excellent in a brief appearance as God. the san francisco scenery was beautiful as well. (i wanna live there.) i give it 3 and a half afro picks outta five. did i mention that elizabeth hurley was on fire?

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