v2001 festival is over. i was there saturday with a couple of friends. it was fun at times, but overall the worst music festival i’ve been to. i thought this virgin guy was mega-organized and efficient…they ran out of programs(the kind you wear around your neck) by 3pm the first day of the two day festival…no excuse. at a multi-stage event like that, a program is the most important thing to have. also, the sound quality on some of the stages left something to be desired, trash receptacles were hard to find, the much-touted porta-loos did have queues, and the traffic jam to get in was ridiculous. one thing the organizers couldn’t be faulted for was the shitty british weather as it pissed down rain all day(off and on). i’m just glad the girls who were originally going to come with us, didn’t. on the bright side, i got a chance to see the critically acclaimed sparklehorse(excellent, it’ll be my next cd purchase), and foo-fighters and the chilli peppers rocked the house. oh, i forgot the worst, most disappointing thing about the festival: because of the horrendous wait to get in, we missed atomic kitten.

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