i just bought tickets for the v2001 festival. there are loads of bands playing(loads, by the way, is the second most frequently used adjective by the british, just after massive) but the highlight for me will probably be foo fighters and RHCPs, two of the best live acts i’ve ever seen(chilis once, foos thrice). so far only me and a friend from work are going, but trying to convince others. either they have some lame excuse or they’ve decided on going to the reading festival the following weekend. wussies can’t do two in a row. i’d do it, but i have good friends from the states visiting. i’ve been working long and hard, so the mosh pit will be a good chance to let out all my pent up hostility towards the man. and did i mention that i’m gonna go postal if i hear or read someone refer to that slavic-albanian country(fyrom) as macedonia again?

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