pete left yesterday…i miss you already, bro! can’t speak for him, but i had a great time. we got around england a bit and saw holland, germany, and glorious greece. can’t wait for next year and possible visits to barcelona, paris, scotland, prague, and, of course, glorious greece. the day before he left for the states, we paid a visit to stonehenge and windsor castle(jersey girl’s nipples are getting hard, i’m sure…she being a big fan of all that royal shit). stonehenge was closed, so we just stared in awe from outside the fence until pete seemed to become possessed by a druid spirit and i thought we should leave before he started to levitate. windsor castle was pretty impressive and had an elaborate display of armor and weaponage, which we weren’t expecting and was a pleasant surprise. a couple of thoughts came to my mind as we walked thru…first, why don’t we have something this oppulent for our leaders? i mean, we are the most powerful nation on earth and the white house pales in comparison. secondly, there was(and still is, obviously) some serious in-breeding going on in this country by the looks of the faces on the paintings. (clarification for my british friends: the previous statement applies only to the royal family. generally, british people are attractive, though a bit pale.)

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