theo christo passed away this past friday. regretably, peter and i were in paros and he was buried before we returned. greeks don’t embalm and thus must bury within 24 hours. i have very fond memories of spending time with theo as a kid in st. louis. he would come by, pick me and a cousin up in his mustang, and tear down the highway. he’d drive fast and that would be a bit scary, yet exciting, for young kids like us. on a few occassions, he would put one of us in his lap behind the steering wheel and let us ‘drive’. highly illegal and dangerous, but wicked fun. he had this rebel-like attitude about him, which was cool to an extent but led to his tragically short life. he lived hard, never stayed in one place very long, and refused to stop gambling and smoking. even when we visited him in the hospital in his last days, dying of lung cancer and struggling to breathe, i saw a pack of marlboros poking out of his bedside drawer. his favorite place to take us was the horse races across the river in cahokia, illinois. he’d let us bet and even took us down to the track to see the horses up close, having connections with some owners. these are memories i’ll always have of my dear uncle chris. he’s in a better place, as they say, but he’s going to get a lot of heat from yiayia politi for arriving much too soon.

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