i’m writing from the beautiful greek island of paros in the cyclades, awaiting the ferry to return to the port of pireaus in athens. peter, regan…errr…megan, and i spent two sun-baked days here. great little apartment in the town of naoussa, with a very nice view. but somebody remind me not to go as a third wheel anywhere again. the zevgari left on the high-speed ferry at noon. why waste an opportunity to spend more time here by travelling back early is a mystery to me. maybe they just wanted time alone, away from big brother. anyway, i opted for the 3 o’clock, slow(5.5 hours) ferry. earlier, i motor-scootered(aprillia ‘area51’, 80cc) over to the village of lefkes and then checked out the ancient quarry where the famous, snow-white marble that was used for the venus-de-milo, praxiteles’ hermes, and napolean’s mausoleum came from. also did a little shopping in parikia and am on-line at the memphis internet cafe with possibly the hottest espresso bar hostess of all time.

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