after returning monday afternoon from spetses, we drove up to velo to see the cousins and my vaptistira one more time. we also went by theo dimitri’s and drove with him to see theo christo in the hospital. he was in the corinth city hospital and it was the worst, most depressing hospital i’ve ever been in. if this is what socialized health care provides, fts! it was like a bad prison hospital and it reminded me of tv video of hospitals in third world countries. theo was in terrible shape and was having great difficulty breathing, even with oxygen. he did manage to talk to us a bit. he told me he didn’t think he would make it out of the hospital alive. i was thinking about telling him that he didn’t want to go yet, because then he’d have to deal with yiayia politi….she would always scold him whenever she saw him for his gambling habit. after we left hospital, we went to see thea marigo. she looked great, but was understandably upset over the health of her son. theo dimitri treated peter and i to a great dinner at a neranza taverna right on the gulf of corinth. we said our goodbyes around midnight and then drove into athens.

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