well, after a long drive to porto heli for our boat ride, we made it to spetses. the weather was perfect and the water even better. there were many stone mosaics all around the town’s main and old harbor. very cool! if it wasn’t for a small allergy problem on saturday night, we’d most likely have stayed out later for some spetses clubs. once again, benedryl saved the day and sent me into a wonderful slumber. sunday was much different. besides the food still being great and the weather being perfect, we had a small spill on our way to one of the many beaches. the motor scooter didn’t seem to respond kindly as we drove down a gravel hill. Ouch! Pics to see later. Why, oh why does chris have to hurt me mom? we were bleeding everywhere! no, just kidding…just some small flesh wounds on our knees…hands…and elbows. oh well, time to log off and ship back to the mainland. bye.

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