we’ve been back in the uk since sunday and maybe it has something to do with the fact that we’re missourians like mark twain, who began his european travels here(see a tramp abroad), but we enjoyed heidelberg so much that i must review….we had a great, old hotel room with character(legend has it that Goethe himself once slept here) and a view of the neckar river. refreshing change from those cookie-cutter chain hotels. we were right next door to the old bridge(no, those aren’t balloons) and the brass monkey(touch the mirror for wealth, the fingers to ensure your return to heidelberg, and the mice to ensure you have many children) and right around the corner from the main pedestrian thoroughfare or “royal mile”, the hauptstrasse. on our last day, we took the funicular up the mountain for a panoramic view of the city and stopped at the Castle on the way down, where peter was in awe of the Grosses Fass(Great Barrel-holds over 220,000 litres of wine). it took all my power to restrain him from tapping the keg with his mouth.

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