weather forecasters were right. rained on and off most of the day. i was in training until 17:30 and peter pretty much slept the day away. when i got out of class, weather cleared up a bit and we walked across the old bridge and along the neckar to the other vetter’s brewhouse. i had a delicious turkey dish with white asparagus and hollandaise sauce(asparagus is big in this area and in-season. there’s a festival of asparagus going on in the next town over – schwetzingen….oooh, pinch me). and in a moment i lived to regret later that evening, i recommended peter get the bratwurst and sauerkraut…and man, was there a lot of sauerkraut. takis knows what i mean and feels my pain. after dinner, we went to a great irish pub(guiness pub of the year, 1999), o’reilly’s, to watch the england v greece world cup qualifier. hellas took it on the chin 2-0 at home. dejected, we went back to the hotel, where i wished ventilation was better in that room.

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