this has nothing to do with the fact that some immoral bastard broke into our car outside the club, but fabric totally blows the doors off of the way-overrated ministry of sound. the night started out bad as one bouncer almost wouldn’t let me in because of what i was wearing. there was no queue and i wore about the same thing to fabric 2 weekends before…nikes, grey parachute pants, white t-shirt, black fleece vest. the guy reluctantly ‘let’ us in to pay the ridiculous 15 pound cover. there was another doorman further in that wouldn’t let me go in with my digital camera. he offered to ‘hold’ it for me at the front door. right! shadey-looking dude too. i told him i’d be back. he called out at me as i walked away(i could of sworn he said “hey, geezer”…couldn’t have…does that term mean something different in the uk? dirtbag looked older than me.) and said, “you’re not putting it in your car?” and i responded that i was leaving it with a friend. but i did go and stuff it under my seat. coincidence that he, in a way, warned us of being robbed and we were. makes one wonder. when we went in, we strolled around a bit, which was a big mistake because by the time we made it to a bar to get drinks, it was after 3am. we totally forgot that no liquor is sold after 3. total bummer. we stuck around for a couple hours and i confess that it did pick up a bit, especially when the trio of leather-bikini-clad cowgirls got on the bar in the main room(3 rooms in total) and started dancing. music got a little better too. overall though, the whole experience was a bit of a letdown. i’ll definitely go back to fabric, especially on drum n bass night, but probably not to mos.

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