theo’s comment on the previous blog was in reference to our experience in london this morning/last night. we did go to bug bar in brixton, which was pretty cool. catacomb-like basement of an old church, r&b style dance music. we stayed for a couple of drinks and drove to ministry of sound(review coming later). we parked on the street, around the corner from the club. we stayed only for a couple of hours, from about 3am to 5:30am and when we returned to the car, we saw takis’ duffle bag sitting on the sidewalk. the moment i saw the bag, my heart sunk and i felt sickened and disgusted. that violated feeling you get when you realize you’ve been robbed. the bag was unzipped, but seemingly everything was still there. it looked as if we or someone else may have interrupted the thieves. among other items, my mobile phone and gerber tool was stolen along with takis’ backpack, which was to be his carry on for the trip back home. it was filled with souvenirs from his travels, photos, and some money(dollars, drachmas, and guilders), among other things. the biggest surprise is that the scumbags didn’t take my $500+ digital camera which i stuffed under my seat. why did i leave it in the car? there’s more to that story, which i’ll explain in my next blog. oddly, all car stereo stuff and cd’s were also untouched and, luckily, they didn’t take the guys’ plane tickets. just a very bad day for all of us in london and things like this makes one lose hope for the human race.

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