my little brother and cousin are arriving thursday from st louis and it takes me back to the last time we rocked a big city. summer of 95. the big city…i’m talking about nyc and we had a brush with fame at a small, sidewalk cafe in tribeca called bubby’s. i was looking for a dinner recommendation in time out magazine and read about bubby’s. it noted that it was a favorite hang out of harvey keitel. i’m not one that goes gaga over celebs, but the review was good, we wanted to eat outside, and we were in the neighborhood. we had a nice meal and were finishing up around eleven pm as the cafe staff began stacking chairs for the night. suddenly, everyone started scrambling to re-set chairs and i felt a kick to my shin under the table. standing right behind me was none other than mr white his own bad self. victor argo, a popular character actor was with him(see ghost dog:the way of the samurai). they looked like total ‘goodfellas’. those guys had that certain air about them that some men have. that deniro quality. where you’re cool without even trying. my dad is like that. i, unfortunately, inherited neither that nor my dad’s thick neck and forearms(he could rip a st louis phone book in half). would’ve helped in my dream of becoming a pro football player. instead, i got my mom’s tall, thin, walk-all-over-me-i’m-a-pussycat genes. anyway, back to the story…mr keitel noticed that we were preparing to pay our bill and asked me, “are you guys leaving?”. i said something creative like, “uuuuh, yes”. i methodically paid the visa bill, while trying to think of something clever to say or how i could ask for an autograph….to no avail…i’m so lame…and the boys were no help. so we walked away, wondering who we might bump into around the next corner and thinking just how cool new york is. (earlier that same day, we passed carly simon on a sidewalk and ken griffey jr was at the adjacent table in the all-star cafe). btw, in 1995, the two actors appeared in smoke and blue in the face(both filmed in new york). in the past they were seen together in mean streets, taxi driver, and bad lieutenant. all great movies.

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