another lame saturday night online here … my m.o. always includes searches down memory lane, finding out the real stories behind whoever. anyway, a squeaky fromme hit yielded a pretty funny archive of a halloween party , thrown by baked potato (you’ll see what i mean) hosts posing as manson and fromme (now that speaks volumes right there). which makes me wonder … wouldn’t it be great to retro-post your pics from that fall 98 halloween party?! you know, the one i missed during my first (sob!) fall away from home? i, for one, think christi’s ghetto-fab 70s outfit must be modeled online and what about fro-boy’s off-the-hook atari attire? and who did gooter go as? i once made a convincing cameo as jake blues at one of bradshaw’s gigs (complete with fake lamb-chop sideburns) and would gladly contribute to such a web-project … but no photo-footage exists (or does it?).

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