chicks that fight, cool music, and cameron diaz in spiderman underoos! i was sold. i have very low expectations for any film made from a tv series, especially a bad one like charlie’s angels, but i really enjoyed this flick. sure, you didn’t have to do much thinking, but who cares. there were beautiful women in some really well done john-woo-crossed-with-the-matrix-style slo-mo action scenes and cool special fx. the soundtrack included a couple of my all-time favorites in korn’s ‘blind’ and the prodigy’s ‘smack my bitch up'(during an excellent back alley fight scene with the great crispin glover). also, some cheesey tunes that were perfect in their place(‘brandy’). on the downside, there was an aerosmith song thrown in. there were just too many hilarious scenes to mention but the ones with tom green as ‘the chad’, the soul train white girl dance(to sir mix-a-lot’s ‘baby got back’), lucy liu as the quality improvement specialist(to heart’s ‘barracuda’), and especially every one with crispin glover(who, by the way, never utters a word in the movie) were my faves. the key is that it was really funny, hip, and fun to watch.

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