welcome to the fray christi! i see you’ve arrived with both guns a’blazin – always good to make a dramatic entrance. btw let me suggest you drop your last name from your blog handle … that way you can speak easy to the web and post ridiculous links to anything you want in anonymity (like my outrageous claim immediately below). and avoid groupies.

this just in, or to quote christo’s fave ‘reporter’ larry king ‘you heard it here first’ : harry potter = jackie paper?! the nyt ran a story on the obscure 80s children’s author who penned larry potter and is suing richer-than-G_d harry author jk rowling over similarities, e.g. larry also has dark hair and glasses, and also interacts with characters called muggles. anyway, that’s a whole other story – what made me lol was that the nyt points out that ‘muggle’ was previously a term for … yes, you guessed it, mary jane – they note that satchmo even references muggles in one of his songs. let’s see … jackie paper- (green) magic dragon, puff … harry potter- magic, (norwegian ridgeback) dragons, muggles. yes, there we have it – a baked potato spokeskid for the new millenium. what’s next year’s book V again – harry potter and the killer weed? or is there a new kid at hogwarts called cheech? i’m surprised druge hasn’t caught on to this subversion …

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