ok, ok, i’m sorry to those friends that i wasn’t able to hook up with in the dc area…javier n, eleni a, and especially the hot n sexy christi (if i only had known that you were in town, baby…). i was way out in bfe, at a conference center about 50 miles west of dc, and had to bond with the other tech reps over breakfast, lunch, and dinner most every night. had a weird last day. i moved to an airport-area hotel the night before i left and felt like i was in a david lynch movie or something…there were “little people” everywhere! hookin up at the hotel bar, gettin jiggy in the elevators. i hate to be non-pc, but it was giving me the creeps. evidently there was a convention for the vertically-challenged going on. i was afraid i’d have some whacked out dream scenarios, so cleansed my mind with the luscious jenna jamison on pay per view that evening. (probably too much information.)

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