funny you mention it, i just saw the trailer for ‘best in show’ today. it does look very funny. the husband of ‘stiffler’s mom’ was a regular on conan as ‘oldie olsen’. i think he recently passed away. i love the line, “we both like soup”. looks like half of the old sctv cast is in this one(a good thing) and, yeah baby, that’s what i’m talkin about….the delicious parker posey…speaking of delicious, the movie that followed the trailer was almost famous and all i wanna say is that chris robinson of the black crowes is one lucky man. he just married the tasty kate hudson. movie was so cool and took me back to that era, though i was a bit younger than the characters. excellent performances all around and the flick has an extremely warm heart. i highly recommend it. oh yeah, anna paquin gets an honorable mention on the delicious-scale, but she’s got a small role. and fairuza balk gets sluttier-looking with every role(and i like it).

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