ah, allow me to submit two honorable mention moments from irene ; irene looks thru whitey’s glasses/hubble mini-lens, and irene walking in on hank (or was it charlie?), uh, reviewing her case in bed. well, i’m finally back home – looking forward to getting my morocco pics developed – i don’t think ‘1-hr development’ has reached this far south of rome but i’m pretty sure you can drop off pics of your enemy and have them hit within an hour. i think we’ll have to break, uh i mean leave the conference site and go to the matthew sweet show on mar 07 at 930; i didn’t see anything hopping at the black cat. oh yeah, i forgot to salute your girl parker posey’s performance in ‘best in show’ – do check out the movie’s page and don’t miss jennifer coolidge’s over-the-top get-up. amazing.

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