props to andre! and i so feel timmy’s pain.

this from a bay area newspaper:

The once-controversial veteran receiver(Rison) actually brought unity into the locker room this season, giving Brown a counterpart he had long sought. And Rison, too, was surprised by the chemistry he found on his seventh NFL stop.
“We’re all best friends on this team. You don’t look around this locker room and see a bunch of old men crying like this is our last time or our last chance,” Rison said. “We’re gonna be back next year, then we’re gonna be back again, then we’re gonna be back again.

“They don’t stop making those Super Bowl trophies after this year.”

But they will hand this season’s to someone other than the Raiders. And that, Brown admits, might be a bit too much to take.

“Right now, I can’t even imagine watching it,” he said.

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