just win, babyRAIDERS STILL RULE! i’m still heartbroken over the AFC championship game loss to an inferior team. the boys in silver and black lost to half a team, but only because that team cheated and caused the raiders to play with half a team. i will admittedly give credit to their excellent defense, but if fat-ass siragusa hadn’t landed on rich gannon late(surprise…NO FLAG?!?), i do think things would’ve been different. (not to mention he was injured when hit on a dead ball/motion penalty in the first series…again no penalty for hitting the qb). when he went back in with a separated shoulder/collarbone injury, rich just couldn’t zip the ball. he was the mvp and leader of the team this year. i doubt the opposition would’ve been the same without their defensive leader, ray lewis. speaking of lewis, i’m still not clear as to why this guy is not in jail, or at least suspended from football for a year or two. well, at least this year, no one will die of knife wounds at a super bowl party since the gangster thug will be preoccupied with the game. i could care less about the game, who wins, and won’t watch. RAIDERS FOREVER!

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