so whatcha think of the jolie=croft preview link down there? perhaps now you’ll admit that ew isn’t so cheesy afterall 😉 who else could tell you that mi hermana cristina aguilera has the inside track to sing the anthem at the Utah games? take that brittney – maybe you could get to sing at the dedication of the 1000th starbucks store or something. it’s flurrying in the ssr of maryland as i type … fortunately i’m warmed by family (and a giant-brand fire log to boot)! Looking forward to the prospect of the Gmen clinching homefield this weekend hosting jax – those lame dome teams mn and stl don’t stand a chance outside in cold, windy nj on grass to slow them down. tha raiders were robbed, but hopefully the zebras got it out of their system and will behave for the post season.

thanks for the ps2 tip – i may hold vigil as well (and consume the milk and cookies left out for santa waiting!) Buon Natale a tutti! JPR

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