hope you had a good trip back. london wrapped up ok for me: saw ‘the 6th day’ at leicester sq … you’d have loved the opening scene as it began in an xfl game 🙁 ok, i’ll admit it pained me to see ahwnohld try to act and it was almost as painful to see m rappaport hold back most of his ny-ness in a subdued role … however, the premise was cool and those clones were spooky and almost worth the price of the 10 quid i payed for a matinee – i think only 5 more would have gotten me into a strand show. btw, i was blindsided by where the above hyperlink landed but i thought the pic was funny 😉

yeah, where was the talented ms christi?? i was hoping to impress her by ordering and consuming a guiness stout, a jonesing that’s stuck with me since shore leave in monaco 😉 perhaps a moon safari in gaul will be the ticket next month, oui?

lastly, thanks for an excellent job of hosting me in the uk!! had a smashing time. also, the tombraiduh present was boss 🙂

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