you ever heard of this one? george ‘i luv money’ lucas was strapped for cash and probably baked when he made the star wars holiday special, aired in ’78 before he knew what royalties were on the horizon; it’s never been seen again nor will g’ilm’l permit it’s re-release on video, but bootlegs are reportedly ‘priced to move’ on the e-trading circuit. in addition to an emaciated leia singing something worded to the classic themesong (i can’t tell what would be worse – hearing said theatrical holocaust or seeing it), we’re treated to a cast of thousands … bea arthur, art carney, jefferson starship to name a few. show was so bad lucas refused to put his name in the credits … and guiness was smart enough to avoid it alltogether!

btw, is a ‘gonzo’ journalist defined as a baked guy with a typewriter? who is this guy, aldous huxley? and why did they make me read brave new world in 11th grade ‘problems of the 20th century’ class???

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