following my quarterly viewing of JFK (don’t ask, or remember i only get on channel), i did a search on ‘jim garrison’ for fun and found this interesting nugget of knowledge . do check out this list next time you watch the movie to see author mcadams de-bunk several key components of stone’s mantra, from characters to events to even dissing da DA himself … the rest of the page is well-organized (aren’t all cia counter-counterculture pages like that?) and addresses much of the jfk-lore (including who coined the term ‘grassy knoll.’

speaking of conspiracies, here’s an odd link about fla dems eating away at bush’s lead during the re-count … and how some sunshine state felons are really dem political operatives 😉

btw, my entry from last week may not have made it … only today have i discovered the ‘post and publish’ button as well as the hyperlink tool (duh!)

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