raider rants: afn came thru and showed the raider-49er game. (pete, hold onto the tape.) great game! the boys did a gut check and came out with a big overtime win. happy, yet disappointed that they let a 14 point, 4th quarter lead evaporate. the safeties, dorsett and pope, just don’t seem to play the zone very well and were horrendous in their tackling. dorsett came thru in the clutch, though, when he and woodson broke thru and blocked the 49er game-winning fg attempt in ot. even though they should have handled this team easily, a win like this builds character and will keep the team playing hard for 60 minutes in future games. confidence was one of the biggest problems in recent raider teams. and chemistry. from what i’m hearing, this team has both and all the players seem to like playing together, unlike the chester mcglockton-led squads they’ve had before. now, if they can just get the ball to ricky dudley more and get their rookie, 1st round placekicker going…

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