Pete’s Raiders at Indianapolis Experience

As I left U of Dayton on I-70, I listened to the Indianapolis sports radio. They kept saying how the Colts will dominate, especially at home. Well, considering it was their home opener vs. THE RAIDERS, and that I was driving in heavy rain; I decided to park near a local mall just near the RCA dome. By the time I parked and began treking through the rain, my boys were already down 14-0. I just wanted to find a local pub with a tv, but instead I got a TICKET! Someone late for the game had an extra $30 ticket  away from his $90 seats. When he asked for $40, I pointed to my new Raider T-shirt (compliments of Telly). I then said, I needed beer money and my team was already losing after 10 minutes. I got the ticket for $20. By the time I found my seat, it was 21-0. Near halftime, the Raiders showed some defense. I was wet, pissed off, tired, and beerless. I then treked down to the concourse level. Well, after 2 quarters of domination and superiority over the Colts, the crowd was silent. Dead on opening day. It wasn’t the dark rain clouds that nailed the Colt fans down…..It was just another BLACK SUNDAY in the Silver and Black Book.


Link to the highlights.

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