Raiders v Chargers

Bad moon has “Rison” for the Raiders. but this time that’s a good thing because Andre is wearing the Silver and Black. Still have flashbacks to that last minute catch on MNF a couple of years ago that just killed the Raiders’ season. He payed dividends immediately as he caught the game winner in the home opener. Raiders needed it desperately in this ugly, defensive game. Listened to the whole thing on-line with raider radio KTCT. The Black Hole sounded as loud as a freight train and I think the noise really helped contribute to the Raider safety (what?!? were they crazy? running out of an i-formation from their 1-foot line?). Can’t wait for the tape, Pete! Hope it’s in the mail, though I’m off for Stuttgart Saturday(there until Thursday the 14th) and probably won’t get it before the Colts game anyway. That’ll be a tough one. They looked pretty good against the Chiefs, especially on offense. Plus, they’re playing in Indy on that damn plastic carpeting. By the way, loved watching Dallas get smoked at home by Philly.

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