I Seymour Not Reporting

So, this is where the Raiders stand.

How things have changed.

Players don’t want to come and play here any more.

They ignore the great and glorious history and superbad uniforms and instead believe the hate-hype from mediots on ESPN and the like.

Granted, Al Davis has mostly himself to blame for this.  For making crap personnel and coaching decisions and putting an inferior product on the field.  But I don’t think any other sports organization gets as much negative pub and is the subject of outright attack journalism than the Oakland Raiders.  Jealous revenge for all those years when they were among the best, maybe?

Forbes put another nail in the Raider coffin when they recently rated the Raiders the most worthless NFL franchise.  They are actually losing money.  Hard to do with the popularity of the NFL and income sharing.

If Seymour really never arrives, it will just perpetuate the current image of the Raiders as dysfunctional losers.  I don’t know what will turn that around.  Oh yeah – winning.  But that will be more difficult when you can’t make moves to improve your team because that player will just refuse to play for you. Meanwhile, the mocking and jokes are coming from media outlets everywhere.

On the lighter side, Just Blog, Baby has a funny article from Al Davis’ diaries about the Seymour situation.  And an astute post on the trade being vintage Al:

Going from the Pats to the Raiders is tough pill to swallow. If given the choice, playing for a winning cheater is much more appealing than playing for a legendary owner turned captain of a sinking ship.

What Seymour doesn’t realize is that if he becomes a part of the Raider resurrection then he’ll be held in reverence with some of the all-time greats that have played for a franchise that is a pillar of the NFL and has a fan base as faithful and dedicated as any in sports.

Here’s hoping that he will realize this and report, but he looks lost for the critical opener v San Diego and I don’t have a very good feeling about this whole situation. The Raiders resigned DT William Joseph who they had cut to make room for Seymour – bad sign.

Worst case scenario (which could very well happen since this is the bad luck Raiders we’re talking about): Seymour announces his retirement which means he basically remains property of the Raiders and they’re still out the #1 pick in 2011. Another free gift for the Patsies. And if he ever does decide to come back and play, he’ll just be older and that much less effective. Or the Raiders can trade him to another team, but who’s going to give a desperate team another #1?

Sad thing is, if this guy can still perform at a high level, he can plug a huge hole in the Raider font four. Trevor Scott is, at best, a situational player and a real weakness at RDE. Seymour can actually make them a fairly formidable line – three top 10 draft picks (Warren was a 3, Seymour was a 6, Ellis was an 8) and Tommy Kelly, who’s being paid like a #1.

(Hat tip to Calico Jack for the inspiration on the play on words for the blog post title)

3 thoughts on “I Seymour Not Reporting

  1. X man – I guess that I was a bit premature in declaring to “Seymour Run D”. :0

    My best guess is that when all the misinformation and dust settles that Seymour will be suited and ready to go at K.C. We shall see. Never a dull moment in Raiderville, huh? CJ

  2. This guys rep as a leader and true professional has taken a huge hit, as far as I’m concerned. What kind of “professional” doesn’t report to his new team. Sure. he might be “shocked”, but be a man!

    Players get traded all the time.

    It’s not like he’s not still making millions.

    I’d understand a day or two delay if he really was taken by surprise by the whole thing and expected to re-sign with the cheatin’ Patsies, but 5+ days? Without communicating with the Raiders or the media?

    If he does report and plays, every time he’s ineffective out on the field, people are just going to assume he’s just going through the motions to pick up his paycheck. Not what you want as a leader and inspiration to others on this team that sorely needs it.

  3. Typical for us Raider faithful to jump to conclusions in a negative way … especially after all the dysfunctional years swamped with the media haters. Have we not learned yet? The Raiders work differently and a lot of the times off the cuff. So, last minute moves and trades during the draft or a week before the season opener are common in the inconsistent “everything” that is Raider-ville.

    So, I know it is hard to ignore the mediots, because every site and channel has to twist the knife with laughs before, during and after any Raider analysis. Even the bottom lines for the season opener did not have to type in the Raider opening game record of the last 6 years, but they did. 13 games with start times and injury reports, but the Silver and Black get a little extra. Assholes! It’s to the point now, that you can not avoid it, no matter what.

    Now, the dust has settled. The rumor idiots/ Raider haters are silent (for now), because (in the press room) Seymour seemed honest about his family situation and about talking to Al and Tom about being a Raider (before and during the smack talking media crap, that started to pile up). You can read into it as negatively as you want. EX: The Patsies cheater coach and owner might be scheming. They could be getting Burgess and a first pick (before the no-cap season) and wanting Seymour back after this last contract year expires in Oakland. You could also read into it deeper and say that Seymour was secretly convinced by Belacheat to play elsewhere for a season and therefore it is all one big conspiracy.

    I truly think Seymour was blind-sided by his own cheating “ex-team” and like he said, “Would of been in Napa, working with his new Team all off season, but the trade happened last minute and right after all 6 of his kids started school.”

    The facts are simple: The media hates us and is jealous for the decades of domination and intimidation. So, they are taking advantage of the last 6 years. As far as I can remember … even when the team was winning and in the playoffs or even AFC champs … the media would keep the success stories to a minimum and move on to another topic, but not until they made an anti-Raider comment. So, no matter how bad or great the organization is as a whole, it will always be us versus all of them, PERIOD!

    Being a Raider (player, coach, exec, fan) is and has always been about being different. The outcast group with talent. Doing it our way. Late and out of order transactions is part of it. Crazy coaching changes, unfortunately is to. Secretive deals and last minute public reactions to the press. A global following with a non-sold out stadium sandwiched between an old naval base and an airport.
    This organization breaths and eats football, yet needs to catch up with the corporate giants, that own the rest of the league. It will happen.

    But, for now … Al is in charge. Willie, Cliff, Freddie and company are educating the history to these baby players. Our D looks good enough on paper and there are no crybaby assholes on the offense. Finally, win, loose or draw … Rivers will be broken in half tonight (9-14-09) and no matter how many holding penalties the NFL conveniently puts on us after key game breaking plays … we will send a message to everyone that we are back!

    In the imortal words of the TOOZ, “If you spew a lot of words of hate against The Raiders (players, AL, fans) … well, I’m a Raider, so … you must hate me and you must be insulting me. So, I guess all of you are my enemy.”

    Time to bring the pain!
    Go, JaMarcus! Please O-Line … make us proud!

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