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I think he conned me like he conned all you people.
Al Davis on Lane Kiffin

At least this team keeps things interesting, even when they’re struggling.

Should we have seen this coming when Davis called Kiffin “Lance” at the opening press conference?

Even by Raider standards, today was a strange, stunning day.

Al Davis finally fired Lane Kiffin as Head Coach and gave a long, detailed press conference.  If everything is true – from the Arkansas job interest to lying to the press – it’s hard to argue with the dismissal.  Actually, it begs the question as to why he wasn’t fired earlier.

In retrospect, I was giving Lane a lot of leeway because he’s a young coach, learning the ropes.  Al Davis even mentioned this.  Kiffin was just not a good Head Coach yet.  In fact, he did some really bad coaching.  His clock management the last two weeks was atrocious.  Davis also mentioned asking him why he didn’t call the time outs in Buffalo and was given an “unacceptable” answer.  His offensive play calling did not produce touchdowns.  His offensive playcalling couldn’t even produce critical first downs and third down conversions when it meant the difference between a win and a loss.

It’s also disappointing to hear that he didn’t want to pick JaMarcus.  The letter Al Davis displayed at the presser stated that fact and some other interesting things, including the fact that he did have control over what was called on defense.  So if he had control, why didn’t he tell Ryan to be more aggressive (i.e. blitz) on defense, especially in that national TV embarrassment on Monday night?

This whole thing can become even more weird tomorrow when Kiffin gives us his side of the story.  Interesting though, that Kiffin skirted the question on BSPN about talking to Al after the Buffalo game.

I really like Tom Cable.  He impressed me in his press conference.  I love the fact that he said he was a Raider fan growing up as a kid and how this is a dream of his.  He is undoubtedly an excellent Offensive Line coach and looks to be a great motivator.  Now let’s see if he makes a good Head Coach.  I’ve got a good feeling about this guy.

Then again, can things get worse?

Update:  Maybe even better than the press conference itself, were Al’s post-PC ramblings as transcribed by the notorious Tim Kawakami.

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