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Eleni Plays Soccer, too

Eleni had the pleasure of playing as a guest on the SOCA U12 Challenge Orange Pride, led by Coaches Mike and Brian. They were runners up in the Virginia Beach Coastal Kickfest in late May. Eleni played in the Greene County Rec League in Spring 2017 and tried out for SOCA U15 Challenge for the Fall 2017-Spring 2018 seasons. She was selected and is very excited to join Coach Mike again (and a few Orange Pride girls) on the Yellow Spirit. Congrats Eleni!

Eleni is 7!

Not Just Another Year

For my family that couldn’t attend, which basically means the entire family….
Best birthday ever because of the lovely wife and kids. Thanks to Anna K for giving Aussiegirl instructions on how to make an ice cream cake. Wish the Greek family were all still here to celebrate with us.

The P5 takes London

London Golden Jubilee Bridge

We’re back in the UK.  For two months this time.

Our entire stay will be in London’s Marylebone district.  I love the city, so I’ll enjoy it.

Aussiegirl?  Not so much.

Unfortunately, some of the stuff that’s so great about London, like the museums, aren’t really very kid friendly.  Especially, when you have three under four.  But there’s so much else to do – the parks (Hyde, Regents, Green, and all the park squares), the markets, attractions like The Eye, the shopping, and just the general liveliness of the city.

A nice American bloke offered to take a picture of all of us on Golden Jubilee Bridge just after we “flew” the London Eye (in the background).  Sofia was pooped.  More photos are at our Flickr site.

All Over my F#cking Crocs!


Yep, those words came out of this pretty little girl’s mouth the other day.

It was blurted out in exasperation after her little brother Leonidas spit up on her beloved, pink crocs.

Sure, it’s a bit funny, but where did she pick this up?  She’s only 3 1/2 years old.  Mommy and Daddy are pretty careful about their language.  Heck, Mommy doesn’t even let her say “yeah” instead of “yes”.  Movies?  No time for us to watch any movies any more, at least not until all the kids are asleep.  I guess that narrows it down to day care…..oh well.

Eleni Sings to the Twins

Xronia Polla!

Merry Christmas from Down Under

Eleni Loves Santa nowThey actually say “Happy Christmas” down here like the British. We finally got Eleni to sit with Santa after being frightened to go anywhere near him in St. Louis. The trick – he offered her a candy cane.

We’re in a subtropical area (Mullumbimby, New South Wales) and it’s warm and humid, so it’s going to be a really strange Christmas for me.  It doesn’t feel quite right.  We’ll have a lot of Carolyn’s relatives here at the farm so it should be a fun time nevertheless.  Bob and Helen even have a small pool to help us beat the heat.

Twins first Santa visitThe photo of the twins was taken while in St. Louis for the baptism, which went very well and we are so thankful for everyone who attended and celebrated with us. We are very honored to have Megan and Peter Politis as Godparents for Leonidas and Elaine and David Stevens as Godparents for Sofia.

Jefferson’s Monticello

MonticelloWe finally went to Monticello when Peter and Megan visited. Pretty amazing place and beautiful grounds. The house tour was great up until the point where Sofia decided to start wailing. Our guide had closed us in the parlor and was blocking the exit, so we got some dirty looks (and one rude comment) from a couple of tourists, until we managed to get out of there. Carolyn was pretty upset at the comments. After the tour, several people actually came up to us and apologized for the other individuals’ comments. We also heard that some words were exchanged after we left the parlor. I guess some people don’t appreciate the difficulties of child rearing…some do. And some people are just kind.

Eleni is Two Today

Eleni is 2

Happy Halloween