Not Just Another Year

For my family that couldn’t attend, which basically means the entire family….
Best birthday ever because of the lovely wife and kids. Thanks to Anna K for giving Aussiegirl instructions on how to make an ice cream cake. Wish the Greek family were all still here to celebrate with us.

1 thought on “Not Just Another Year”

  1. We just viewed Christos birthday video. We love his hat and the kids are just adorable. We couldn’t stop staring at little Maximos. He is too cute the way he responds to attention – all smiles! Elaine wishes she could just reach in and kiss them all up.
    She loves Leo’s hair and the girls look great. Tell Carolyn the cake looked delicious. Looked like it had two flavors of ice cream.
    We always love your videos. Can’t get enough of them. Send more.
    For our Christos, a happy happy birthday with your beautiful family.
    You couldn’t ask for better – you hit the jackpot! We love you all.

    ps from the last time I saw Max he looks so much bigger and features are darker, eyes and hair. Is he still sweet and easy going? It looks like he is. How is Eleni liking school? All our love, talk to you soon. Elaine and mom

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