CNN – All Class

I seem to remember New Year’s Eve celebrations being pretty classy. A nice dinner, a few drinks, dancing, singing Auld Lang Syne….

Man, how things have changed.

CNN, who call themselves “The Most Trusted Name in News” showed us exactly how that has changed.

First, they brought in the vulgar Kathy Griffin (again) to co-host New Years Eve coverage with Anderson Cooper.  Cooper is widely known to be gay, though I appreciate that he doesn’t flaunt it, and Kathy  Griffin is some sort of gay icon evidently.  All this was augmented with a special correspondent reporting live from that famous hub of NYE celebrations – Key West, Florida.

See a pattern here?

To really bring the theme home, whenever they cut to the Key West correspondent, he reported in front of stage filled with prancing drag queens and male strippers, even interviewing a particularly hideous version of “Cher”.

Stay classy CNN.  Stay classy.

And that’s my first rant for 2010.  Happy New Year.

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