Uhhh, What About that Manslaughter Thingie?

I know that one shouldn’t speak ill of the dead, but now that the eulogy lovefest is over, VDH writes about some things in lifelong politician Ted Kennedy’s past that NPR and other liberal shills conveniently left out of his glorious obit:

So Ted Kennedy railed against the special treatment accorded Richard Nixon through Gerald Ford’s presidential pardon: “Is there one system of justice for the average citizen and another system for the high and mighty?” Yet Kennedy himself serially cheated in college — and expected his family influence to mitigate punishment. Reckless driving and intoxication were accepted indulgences without many consequences. His explanations for the Chappaquiddick fiasco — where he was going, how he crashed, where he went and whom he contacted while his passenger was drowning — were not just mendacious, but surreal. No matter — a clear case of involuntary manslaughter for the “average citizen” was reduced to a traffic violation for the “high and mighty.” …. entire article here

47 years in the Senate.  47 years of not walking the talk. That may be his most impressive legacy.  Although that seems to be standard for our representatives on the hill.

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