Cheaters Feel Cheated

This is evidently not a joke. It’s an online petition. Those whacky Cheatriot fans feel like the NFL robbed them of victory by purposely mismanaging the clock in the Giants’ favor in the last 2 minutes of the Super Bowl.

I’m sorry. That’s hilarious.

Especially coming from fans whose team won their first Super Bowl directly benefiting from the worst and crooked calls in NFL history. One that they deny:

If you look at many of the “signatures” with comments in that petition, you’ll see that many people see it as a joke and are using the petition to mock the pansy-ass Patsy fans.If Tuck-Rule-Game-denying and the writings of Bill Simmons isn’t proof enough that Patsy fans are idiots and morons, the guy that wrote up the petition cites NFL rules but neglects to mention an important point. That is that the Jacobs run was on 4th down and the officials had to stop the clock to check whether he got a first down or not. Clock stops on change of possession, buttheads. When the spot was shown to be enough for a first down, the clock was restarted.

Speaking of the clock, when is that classless Head Coach going to get fined for leaving the game early? I believe there’s a rule about that.

I look forward to more from Spygate. Note to Goodell: Patsies still have a first round draft choice.

Lastly, a quick reminder to the Patsies – F*#& You!

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