Merry Christmas from Down Under

Eleni Loves Santa nowThey actually say “Happy Christmas” down here like the British. We finally got Eleni to sit with Santa after being frightened to go anywhere near him in St. Louis. The trick – he offered her a candy cane.

We’re in a subtropical area (Mullumbimby, New South Wales) and it’s warm and humid, so it’s going to be a really strange Christmas for me.  It doesn’t feel quite right.  We’ll have a lot of Carolyn’s relatives here at the farm so it should be a fun time nevertheless.  Bob and Helen even have a small pool to help us beat the heat.

Twins first Santa visitThe photo of the twins was taken while in St. Louis for the baptism, which went very well and we are so thankful for everyone who attended and celebrated with us. We are very honored to have Megan and Peter Politis as Godparents for Leonidas and Elaine and David Stevens as Godparents for Sofia.

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