Has St. Patrick’s Day Come Early?

Green EmpireThe Empire State building is glowing green this weekend and it’s not even close to March.

Unbelievably, they did this to celebrate the end of Ramadan and the Muslim holiday Eid.

How odd that just six years after a group of crazy Muslims flew airplanes into the tallest building in New York, the new tallest building in New York decides to honor the religion that guided them to commit this terrorist, murderous, evil act. Since they’re the new biggest target in NYC, is this their way of begging the “Religion of Peace” to not hit them?

It’s crazy and it’s political correctness gone nuts. Remember that this is for the .6% of the US population that is Muslim. Where do you stop? What about doing the same for other holidays and niche group days of celebration? Why not rainbow colors for gays? Buddhists and Hindus have just slightly less a presence in the US (.5% and .4% respectively) and they don’t get lights.

This unfortunately continues a trend in New York. Add this to the use of public funds for an Islamic-based “International Academy” of dubious nature. So much for assimilation into American culture.

Hey, I know, since the Turks are mad at us for the Armenian genocide congressional resolution thing, maybe lighting the building up in red would make them like us again?

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