Mini-Hitler Goes to New York

mini hitler

It’s hard to imagine the Greatest Generation putting up with an appearance of Adolph Hitler’s at an American university just before WWII broke out. But that says a lot about this generation and I’m ashamed.

Sure, Columbia’s President did the right thing and called the lunatic out in his introduction, but that’s now being spun as rude and inappropriate and the little weasel got applause from the Columbia students when he pointed this out. Applause? Now, that’s disturbing.

The toon above is courtesy Cox & Forkum, and they have a good round-up of the lunatic left’s take on the Ahmadinejad visit. Everything from how he sounded “reasonable” to why DailyKos has a crush on him. Humor is usually fine and dandy, but is it really appropriate when you’re dealing with a guy who denies the Holocaust, wants to eliminate Israel (not denied when asked twice – bluntly), who’s killing our troops in Iraq, and who very well may start the next World War?

I can’t wait to see if CNN’s Amanpour is able to get him to answer any questions directly in her “exclusive” interview. My guess is that CNN will continue to disappoint, evidenced by the arrival of liberal-biased programs like “Out in the Open”with idiot host Rick Sanchez. So much for their “most trusted name in news” motto.

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