Not Jack Bauer

Ralph Peters said it well in his article on the subject of the 15 weak-kneed Brits who were “detained” by Iran. I saw how most of the main stream media was using that term rather than “hostage”. Kind of like “insurgents” versus “terrorists”. Get a load of some of the grovelling that came out of their mouths:

“Your people have been really kind to us, and we appreciate it very much.”

“We are grateful for your forgiveness.”

“I can understand why you’re insulted by the intrusion into your waters.”

“Thank you for letting us go and we apologize for our actions, but many thanks for having it in your hearts to let us go free.”

Not to mention the multi-media presentations they put together showing how they “trespassed”.

I guess they must have really been subjected to some 24-style, intense psychological and physical torture. But wait, it looks like they ate well, played some chess, and generally were yucking it up. Did they nicey-nice them into saying those things? I heard they gave them handicrafts, a vase and special Persian candy. They had even bought them all new, polyester suits from House of Ahmadinejad. Wonder if Jack Bauer would have caved to all that pressure?

They’re all a disgrace to the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines. Perhaps there’s a reasonable explanation for their actions. Maybe the British anti-war fools will throw them a parade.

The other interesting thing is Ahmadinejad’s statement, referring to the release being an Easter gift to the British people “on the occasion of the birthday of Prophet Mohammad and Prophet Jesus’ ascension to the Heaven”. I’ve also heard it translated to Jesus’ “passing”. This is a subtle dig at Christianity I think. Jesus’ “passing”? Easter is about Jesus Christ’s resurrection! Of course, no mention of that fact. Should we do like the Muslims with the Mohammed cartoons and riot over that statement.

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