Good Riddance Kofi

ebony and ivoryKofi Annan has finally left the UN. The world couldn’t have received a better Christmas gift. Not that it matters that much. The organization is a complete failure and sham with or without him. Well, perhaps I shouldn’t say “complete” as they’ve done a few good things with regard to feeding refugees.

Basically, nothing in terms of quelling or avoiding conflicts in the world. Their resolutions mean nothing. They are simply all talk and no action. And speaking of talking – they’ve given clowns like the President of Venezuela the stage so he can present a ridiculously amateurish anti-American rant, all while a UN official snickers along with him a few feet away…and to hearty applause after. It was a truly disgusting display.

And I won’t even go into the details of the oil for food scandal and the money that Annan’s son made off of it.

So, we have an organization that is not only has no major achievements to speak of, it’s also corrupt.

The guy goes out with a speech bashing the US and our human rights record. The gall. They did nothing in Rwanda while thousands were murdered. They are doing nothing in Darfur while the same is happening. They are doing nothing to stop Iran from building a nuclear arsenal, which may start WWIII. Annan himself did everything he could to help the terrorist group Hezbollah in their attacks on Israel, just short of loading up the Katyusha rockets himself.

Now, if we could only get Annan to take that weak-kneed jerk, Jimmy Carter, with him and go into exile somewhere so we can never hear from them again.

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