Enemy Territory

Hotel Del CoronadoWe’re in beautiful San Diego where I’m attending the 2006 ESRI User’s Conference, probably the biggest GIS conference in the world. It’s always great to get to travel to a wonderful city on your employer’s tab and I don’t want to complain, but it hasn’t started well.

First day, I’m given a name tag with my surname spelled Politits. My colleagues got a kick out of that and begged me to show them my third nipple (no, I don’t have one). The first night in our overpriced city hotel and we’re awakened at 5am by a loud, thumping clock-radio alarm in the adjacent room. The previous guests had left it set. The hotel fixed it, but somehow it came on again at 5am, two days later.

We had thought that the toilet flush handle getting stuck was the worst annoyance in the room itself but on the second day, I actually got locked IN the bathroom. And it wasn’t even “locked”. The door handle somehow stuck in lock position and I had to have Aussiegirl pass me a credit card under the door to jimmy it open. My criminal past does have its advantages sometimes. Of course, the next morning we inadvertently closed the door and locked ourselves OUT of the bathroom. That made me late for the conference’s plenary session as we had to wait for the hotel locksmith to get the thing open.

Oh, and I won’t mention ET catching her little finger in a drawer and Aussiegirl freaking out that she may have broken it (it’s OK). Or my sunburn from someone-who-shall-not-be-named missing a couple of spots on my back.

Well, at least the weather has been nice, I’ve had a good cigar, we have free internet access, and there’s a Ghirardelli’s Ice Creamery two blocks away.

…and I want to thank everyone for all the thoughtful birthday wishes I’ve received…from Greece (Niko, Sophia, Dimitri, Maria) to St Louis (Pete, Megan, Mom, Dad). My girls bought me a work bench and a Raider rain jacket….somehow reading my mind. I’m blessed.

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