It’s Hard Out There for a Pimp

For some reason, that song is still ringing in my head.

What a down year for the Oscars. A bad rap song wins Best Original Song, along with that smug George Clooney (Best Supporting Actor) and a ridiculous gay cowboy movie (Best Director). Even Best Actor was won by a guy portraying a flaming homosexual. Truman Capote was a great writer though, and In Cold Blood is one of my all time favorites, so I’ll reserve judgment until I see the movie Capote. By all accounts, Philip Seymour Hoffman was excellent in the role and deserved his Oscar.

All I’m saying is that certain themes and characters, particularly those homosexual, are abnormally heavily represented in Hollywood (and TV for that matter). Don’t get me wrong – I think Six Feet Under was maybe the best series ever and it explored some pretty gay themes with its David character, but the gay representation in the media has gotten to be almost monotonous. It seems every show has to have a gay character.

And did anyone else notice that the great Don Knotts was left out of the “In Memoriam” segment. Did he pass too recently that they couldn’t edit in a snippet from The Andy Griffith Show, Three’s Company, or the comedy classics The Apple Dumpling Gang, The Ghost & Mr Chicken, or The Incredible Mr. Limpet among the hundreds of shows he was in? That’s sad.

At least there was a worthy winner in the Best Picture category, where the superb Crash won. And Jon Stewart was an excellent host, poking fun at the Hollywood elite every chance he got. He joked that they were out of touch and Clooney, in his acceptance speech, lamely tried to defend his brethren by saying he was “glad they were out of touch” because they were talking about issues like civil rights and AIDS before anyone else. Whatever. Just stay out of politics, please George.

UPDATE: Ben Stein said it better than me in his post-Oscar perspective. Check it out.

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