Gall-oway: Evicted

What a moron. Or more accurately: What a pussy.

But you say ‘what range this man has’ ( I use man loosely here): Pretending to be a cat drinking milk out of the hands of an actress, dancing in a red leotard with a transvestite, shaking hands with murdering thugs and, oh yes….a member of British Parliament and the champion of the UK “anti-war” crowd.

“We need to use new and innovative methods to put across our arguments,” he said. “I believe Celebrity Big Brother will be hugely successful for our ideals.”

Right then, hands up all those who are now familiar with Respect’s policy on local government finance. How about housing and the homeless? And surely Galloway managed to get in a word about the party’s pioneering ideas on sport and recreation?

Alas no, but it seems very likely that in years to come old folk will still be sitting around the fireside and reminiscing about the time the honourable member for Bethnal Green and Bow pretended to be a little pussycat licking pretend cream from an actress’s cupped hands. And let’s not forget the time he pranced about in a red leotard; not to mention his row with Michael Barrymore or the day he dressed up as Dracula.

The poor British. He’s like their very own version of Jesse Jackson, though I don’t think even Jesse would stoop so low as to appear on Big Brother.

Props to Egypt for (temporarily) not allowing that idiot into the country. He was going there to take part in a mock trial against all the good guys involved in the Iraq war. What impressive versatility – from vulgar reality show to pro-terrorist propaganda participant. What a jewel this man is. Seems as if his east London constituents may have finally had enough of him, too.

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