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I think what’s going on all over the Muslim world, in reaction to these cartoons, just legitimizes the whole idea behind them – that there was self-censorship going on when addressing Muslim issues in journalism. Writers were afraid to write anything that might be construed as negative, lest something happen to them like the barbaric killing of Director Theo van Gogh in November 2004. Sadly, when you see this reaction – the burning of embassies, the threats of murder – you can kind of understand why some journalists steered away from any subject that may have shed a negative light on anything Muslim.

Let’s face it, a good portion of these people want the world to go back to the Middle Ages. It’s in their doctrine. I hope this opens civilized peoples’ eyes to the danger their thinking poses on the world, in terms of freedom, and more importantly, peace. Countries have bent over backwards to Muslims, allowing them full citizenship, and attempting to integrate them into democratic societies. Shouldn’t they show respect in return? They need to respect the countries’ laws and they need to tolerate the countries’ culture. They need to be willing to integrate, or not emigrate.

I’m suddenly a huge fan of the Danes for showing some cojones. I read somewhere that at least fourteen countries have published these toons. Are the IslamoFascists going to kill us all? Every newspaper should publish them to show that the civilized world will not cower to these idiots. I doubt it will happen though, as the all-powerful CNN is displaying how brave they are by showing one of them (the bomb-in-the turban), but with the bomb fuzzed out.

I saw nothing that offensive myself. The most offensive of the cartoons was probably the one depicting Mohammad with a bomb in his turban, but don’t those whacky suicide lunatics justify their actions by citing him anyway? He’d be proud of them killing infidels by exploding themselves, right? One was even a bit funny in a twisted sort of way – suicide bombers arriving in Heaven, only to find Mohammad turning them back because they were out of virgins. All the caricatures are available in a slide show here. If they were offended by that, hate to see their reaction to the gallery on this Dutch site. Some really offensive ones here.

My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has been roasted and caricatured in a negative light for ages. The movie, The Temptation of Christ, stirred up some protest but nothing more. Go to just about any “Contemporary Art Museum” to see anti-Christian tripe they call art. I see the little Darwin fish on cars all the time, mocking the Christian ichthys (Greek abbreviation for Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior). If Christians behaved the same way, there’d be a lot of killin’ goin’ on.

The civilized world needs to stick together on this issue and support freedom of speech everywhere, regardless of who it might offend. This is getting ugly, but it’s good in a way because it serves to show how ugly these people are in their form of response.

Now, doesn’t that make you worry even more that Iran is working on a nuclear bomb?

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