Eleni’s One

Eleni at the poolEleni turned one year old this week (31 January). Her Daddy had to go up to DC for a conference, so she spent her birthday in our nation’s capital. She really enjoyed the pool at the hotel until the “lifeguard” inexplicably made her Mommy stop going under water with her because “he didn’t feel comfortable” and “didn’t want to be responsible if anything happened”. At least, that’s what we think he said with his thick Russian accent.

Very strange indeed.

At first, we thought he was joking. I was thinking of complaining to the hotel manager, but I just thought, why bother.

Yes, I suppose Mommy could have inadvertantly let go and could have lost Eleni in the murky, three foot deep, indoor pool waters. And the lifeguard would never get there in time to do anything as he was a whopping 10 feet away. And Mommy would somehow fall unconscious or something. All this while Daddy is filming everything with the video camera.

Yeah, I don’t blame him. He looked to be in the middle of a magazine article and surely didn’t want to be bothered with the extremely remote possibility of an actual life saving anyway.

That’s the Westfields Marriott, by the way, for anyone interested.

In the photo here, Eleni is looking a little disappointed after her short swim. We actually changed hotels to a central DC Marriott and we’ll try the pool here tomorrow. Hopefully no nazi-like lifeguards. In the meantime, Eleni’s been loving just roaming the large hotel lobby and the gargantuan DC Convention Center.

Xronia Polla (many years) to our little girl!

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