Happy Belated Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is over and it’s pretty sad watching the video of people crawling over each other to get consumer goods like the new X Box. I was down and out with some kind of throat and sinus bug, so we had to cancel our plans to have dinner at a friend’s house. It really sucks to be sick over the holidays. Eleni had a high fever (104+) just before me, so I may have caught it from her. She’s better now and starting to take a few steps on her own. She’s an awesome little thing that makes AussieGirl and me smile constantly. Can’t wait to take her back home to St Louis over Christmas, so the family can see how she’s grown.

It’s a few days old, but Ben Stein has a good piece in The American Spectator, titled As Thanksgiving Approaches.

Can it be that the Democrats really want to surrender to the same man who killed 3,000 civilians on 9/11 and laughed about it? Are we so weak that in only four years, after a war smaller in casualties than many unknown battles of the Civil War, we are already eager to surrender to the man who murdered women and children and made terrified couples hold hands and leap to their deaths from the World Trade Center? If so, there really is little hope for us as a people….

I also wanted to link to an excellent article I read a few months back in Wired magazine about military bloggers – The Blogs of War. Read it and you might get a better appreciation for the guys who are risking their lives to keep us (and Iraqis) safe and free.

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