There She Is….

Eleni with Mrs VA…well she’s not exactly Miss America. And she’s actually not even a Miss, but a Mrs. Nevertheless, she has the crown and the sash and that made for a good photo op at the Annual Greek Festival thrown by Charlottesville’s Greek Orthodox Church – Transfiguration of The Savior. Mrs Virginia is actually of Russian heritage and is not just a pretty face if you read her bio. Eleni even got an autographed photo from her. As you can see from the photo here, ET was mightily impressed by that sash.

The church here is small and their festival is only one day and held inside. It’s on a weekday as well, which cuts into the potential attendance, probably by design because of space restrictions. I had to work and couldn’t go, but AussieGirl said it was packed and I did get her to bring me some take-away. The tiropites were fab.

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