It’s the Jihad, Stupid

I was reading about those horrible riots in France and would you believe that the criminals are almost entirely made up of teenage Muslims? No Way! (sarcasm) Not members of the “Religion of Peace”! (more sarcasm) In every single online article I’ve read and in several TV news stories on the riots, not a single mention of them being Muslim. That’s odd. The lefty main stream media being selectively, politically correct? (yet more sarcasm) The fact is beginning to get mentioned in a roundabout way near the end of some pieces. Usually near the part where they excuse them because of poverty and racial discrimination. Yeah, that’s a good enough excuse for lighting a crippled woman on fire.

Something tells me that if they were anything but members of the RoP, we’d hear about it. Probably in the story title. I don’t know why they still have a problem telling it like it is. After all, these type of people are blowing themselves into smithereens in order to take other innocent lives, whether Muslim or infidels.

All I have to say is that it couldn’t happen to a better country.

(This just in. We, the media, interrupt this blog with the much more important news of the Argentina, anti-American riots.)

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